Sunday, November 9, 2014

"You Know You're A Missionary When..."

You know you're a missionary when you've lost all sense of current events and pop culture. After our Zone Training Meeting, one of the brand news sisters yelled to everyone, "Let's take a groupie!" Sis.Lange and I look at each and were like, "What the heck is a groupie?" Apparently it's a group selfie??? And then this sister pulls out her groupie stick! It's like a pole that can extend and you attach your camera to it so that tons of people can fit into the picture. My mind is blown.

In other news, the Philippines is still great! I don't think I've mentioned this, but Christmas celebration has been in full force here since September. I repeat, SEPTEMBER. As in everyone puts out their xmas tress and lights and xmas music is being blasted in the supermarkets. It definitely goes against my "no xmas music until after thanksgiving" rule, but as a missionary I'm secretly enjoying it (:

Do you know what else I enjoy? How kind and hospitable the Filipino people are! Wherever we go, there's always people yelling, "Hey Sisters!" or"Hey Elders!" (the people here don't know the difference). And it doesn't how matter how humble their circumstances they are, everyone's always so eager to feed us some snacks, almost always consisting of soda and some kind of cracker or cookie or chips. Granted at this point I never want to look at a bottle of coke or packaged junk food again, but I honestly do really, really appreciate how loving these people are! I really know I was meant to serve here and I'll take the excessive heat and bugs any day if it means I get to serve with such a Christ-like people!

So I had splits this week which means I got to take a 2 hour bus ride to Bogo to work with my STL, Sis.Layos! I always love the bus ride to Bogo because I get to ride along the coast and just soak in all of the beauty and hills and jungles of the Philippines. Except usually the bus is jam packed and there's no air conditioning and the windows are down so dust is constantly flying in your face. But I scored on the trip back to Danao and Sis.Layos rode in an empty bus with air-con. It was pure heaven! But better than air conditioned buses was....

The special Area Philippines Broadcast!!!!! Last Sunday the entire Philippines got to hear from Elder & Sister Oaks, Elder Robbins, Elder Ardern, Bishop Causse . It was so neat because several times the speakers reiterated that what they had to say is exactly what the Lord would have the people of the Philippines hear. It's so great to be a representative of the living Church of Jesus Christ that is lead and guided by direct revelation from Him. It's so neat that I get to be an instrument in His hands and used so that people here in Danao get to hear exactly what the Lord would have them hear- His Gospel.  Revelation is such a huge blessing and really is the foundation of our Savior's Church. How neat that Pres.Monson gets to receive revelation from Savior about His Church and how especially neat it is that we, as a children of a loving Heavenly Father, get to receive personal revelation for ourselves. I love the sacred times that I get to receive personal revelation and I especially love getting to help my investigators receive personal revelation for themselves about Joseph Smith and the Restoration of the Gospel. We're all just soooo lucky! And so loved! Nahigugma ko sa inyoha! Hope everyone has a superrrrrrr week! 

Sister Lauck <3

For the pictures this week:
1. Me enjoying the luxury of an empty bus headed back to Danao from Bogo
2. our zone "groupie"

3. My super yummy lunch I cooked - filipino style!

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