Sunday, March 1, 2015

Happy March!!! (:

March has come, which means I'm starting my 2nd summer in the Philippines aka THE SWEATFEST!

So last week Sis.Bolo and I were enjoying ourselves in our perfect area with our perfect investigators, happy to start another transfer together and finish up Sis.Bolo's training (:

And then transfers came. And I transferred.......... the next area over hahahaha we were so sad, but totally laughing about it at the same time! 

So now I'm in a three some with Sis.Mahinay & Sis.Sears and we are STL's (Sister Training Leaders). And we had 0 investigators attend church, which was a rude awakening from the 9 investigators Sis.Bolo and I had the week before haha but such is life! But I'm so excited to work with all of the sisters and really just get to learn from them -  I'm already trying to work on making some goody baskets for all of them, so I am definitely in my element (:

The only hard part about leaving my area was saying good bye to my investigators - we all cried every lesson my last day in the area. Even though I only taught them for six weeks, we grew so close to each other and to the Savior. The sweetest blessings of a mission are getting to watch these people you love grow. Sis.Juliet, who didn't really want to be taught when Sis.Bolo and I first met her, is getting baptized next week. Sis. Reah, who hadn't read the Book of Mormon the past year she had been investigating, read through 2nd Nephi in just 2 weeks. It's the greatest feeling in the world (: That's the power of following our Savior. Real change occurs in your life. I have a huge testimony of that as I've watched the same process take place in my own. There's no greater feeling of happiness than knowing you are getting closer and closer to becoming like our Father in Heaven and His Son (:

Needless to say, I am a happy camper!

Love everyone oodles and oodles!

Sister Lauck (:

p.s. for pictures: sis.bolo and I helped an investigator harvest their crops (:
                         we had a sister sleepover complete with junk food for sis.davis's (our house mate) last night in the mission before she went home 
                         sis.angel (our ibd) & me

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