Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Journey Begins!!

What a way to start the new Year!  After setting Sister Lindsay Lauck apart on New Year's Eve and getting very little sleep due to packing and arranging the departure of 10 people from our house, it was off to the airport and then down to the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah.  I thought that maybe after being a veteran at doing this it would be easier the second time around, but it is always hard to say goodbye.  The great news is that Sister Lauck was ready and excited to begin her mission, and we are so excited for her to have this amazing experience.

While I am kicking off day one with a post of my own and some pictures to accompany the post, this blog will really be focused on Sister Lauck and her weekly emails, photos, and adventures in the Philippines.  We appreciate your love, support, and prayers for Sister Lauck while she is away serving.  Each one of you have played such an important part in her life, and I know how much your friendship means to her!

Stay tune for weekly updates from Sister Lauck!!!

Here is a picture of our family last night on New Year's Eve after Sister Lauck was set apart as a full time representative of Jesus Christ.

Here is Sister Lauck at the airport with her two brothers.  She had a 1st Class ticket on the flight to Salt Lake City, but in a typical show of selflessness, she gave her seat in 1st Class to Dustin.

One last family shot at the front door of the Missionary Training Center.  What a way to start a new year!  There were more smiles than tears, but we will miss our Pretty Pretty Princess!

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  1. I'm so glad you're keeping a blog for her! I'm so excited to read all of her e mails!