Friday, February 14, 2014

Sister Lauck Has Arrived in the Philippines!

This has been a busy week for Sister Lauck! She left the MTC in Provo on noon Monday, caught a 5pm flight to LAX, had a three hour layover in Los Angeles, boarded a flight headed for Manila at 9pm, had an unexpected 2 hour layover in Guam and then on to Manila, had a brief layover before boarding a flight headed for Cebu, and eventually landed in Cebu on Wednesday morning after spending most of Tuesday in the air and changing time zones! We were fortunate to get a brief email from her in the middle of the night on Wednesday night and then also a follow up email and pictures from her new Mission President and his wife, President & Sister Tanner.  The following is the brief email and pictures that we received:

Hey everyone! I'm alive - made it safely in Cebu! I only get like 2 minutes, but everything is good here (: Spending the day doing orientation at the mission home and tomorrow I get my new comp and I'm all set to go! Every thing's great here, but SO DIFFERENT! Mosquitoes, super humid, and very humble surroundings!  I love you all! Thanks so much for fasting for me (: I'm doing great! 

Sister Lauck ((((((:

This is the incoming group of missionaries that Sister Lauck arrived with. Go girl power! We believe that the new missionaries are seated and their newly assigned companions are sitting behind them.

This is a picture of Sister Lauck with President and Sister Tanner.

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