Thursday, February 27, 2014

Gugma gikan sa Philipinas!

Live from the Philippines.... for the very first time.... this is Sister Lauck!!!

Yes, I am still alive and happy and kicking it here in my new home (: And I have to say the first thing I said when I got off the plane in Manila is "I'm not in Texas anymore....". Haha I am truly in a foreign country, that is for sure!

So my first area is the coveted and beautiful island of Bohol! It really is like the (really hot) Hawaii of the Philippines! And I live about a minute from the beach, so there's really no complaining here (: My nanay (my mom aka missionary lingo for my trainer) is Sis.Tuipulotu from Tonga! She's been out for about 6 months so we're hobbling along together in our broken Bisayan (that's what they call my language Cebuano here) She has the biggest heart and is so sweet! We crack jokes everywhere we go and it helps make the work so fun! Together we've learned that the true universal language is the Spirit. The Bisayan is coming along! Needless to say, I understand about 30% of what is being said because they're going at a rapid pace. Also some of my confusion is due to the fact that people here mix different dialects and languages with Bisayan hahaha what the heck! Most of the time when people talk to me and I just smile and nod and say "Oo (yes)" or "Nindot na (that's awesome)" For all I know they could be cursing at me and I'd have no clue haha that's the beauty of being new (:

So I'm not going to lie, I have laughed everyday my first 2 weeks here. Mostly at myself, but also at the Pinoy's here! Every time Sis. T and I walk down the street, everyone just stares. Like hardcore stares, they don't even try to hide it haha so I've chalked it up to 3 possible reasons

1. They've never seen anyone over 5'6" (seriously, though)
2. I'm super sweaty and gross (also very plausible)
3. I have a third eye (okay, not plausible, but with the way people stare....)

I still haven't cracked the case haha and I don't think it's because I look American because EVERYONE, I repeat, EVERYONE, thinks I am part filipino here. Everyone always says, "Artista siya!" when I walk down the street. Which I thought meant "artist", but actually means actress. I guess all of the filipno actresses are half pinoy, half white, so because I'm mixed they think I look like an actress. It's very flattering, but NO haha I am so not.

So everyone probably wants to know that one gross thing that has happened so far. Well, I drank ants. Yes, I drank ants. And it was all an accident haha believe me, it was not by choice. There are all kind of critters in our apartment (lizards, cockroaches, huge spiders, mosquitoes, and snakes, yes even snakes - we've all really become the best of friends) and unknown to me, about 30 of them crawled into my cup. So I chugged the whole thing, put my cup down, and then started to feel something in my mouth. I went to the mirror, opened my mouth, saw the ants, realized I really hadn't had much protein since I've been in the Philippines, and got more water so I could swallow the rest of them. Hahaha well I'm just kidding about the last part! But that was a fun experience (:

I am so out of time, but I just wanted to let everyone know that I love you! Thanks so much for all prayers on my behalf as I've been out here in the Philippines. I really feel the love and support even though we may be thousands of miles apart. I am SO HAPPY and I LOVE my mission. I'm so grateful for the opportunity I have to be serving the Lord in serving in such humbling circumstances and the opportunity I have to become so acquainted with Him. Everyone have a FANTASTIC week!

Until next week,
Sister Lauck (:

P.S. I'm really sorry if I don't respond to everyone's emails every week, but I will get to them eventually! I love getting to hear from everyone and what's going on in your life (:
Sister Lauck lives just a short distance from the beach!

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  1. She is so wonderful and has such a great sense of humor and positive outlook! Protein in ants and best of friends with snakes, haha nothing can get her down! Glad made it there safe and is enjoying it! -Linsay Jarvis