Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Akong primero (:

Kamusta mo!!!!!

I'm doing just peachy keen over here in Bohol! This week was filled of firsts for me, so it was a memorable one! This week I experienced my first:

- Earthquake: That was so fun! No worries, it was a super minor one, no crazy shaking! We were in the middle of a lesson and then just like that, the ground started shaking. Everyone here on Bohol is a little spooked when it comes to natural disasters because a pretty strong earthquake hit last October that caused a lot of damage and death. And then one week after the earthquake, the big Typhoon Yolanda absolutely rocked Tacloban, which is the next island over. Elder Anderson, one of the 12 Apostles, made a special trip to Bohol and when speaking to the missionaries about the recent natural disasters he said, "This is just the beginning." Needless to say, we're all anticipating some kind of gigantically huge storm or earthquake this year, but every missionary has their 72 hour kit ready to go and the protection of the Lord, so there's no fear over here (:

-Lice Infection: Woooooo! Haha it only was a matter of time, considering how much all the kids like playing with my hair. Lice is a totally normal thing here, so it's no big deal (: My awesome companion will just have to spend hours picking out lice in my hair and smashing it with the comb! How fun is that!

-  BAPTISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: Yup, three months in the field, and I finally got my first baptism! Actually two (: Sis.Tita and Bro.Jake! It definitely did not pan out as I had imagined haha - the baptismal service started at 3pm, but NO ONE, I repeat NO ONE even started showing up until 3:30, there wasn't enough water so the font could only be filled up about knee deep (I'm not going to lie, watching poor Elder Lagahit try to baptize with the low water level was pretty entertaining), and they didn't have baptisimal clothes their size, so Sis.T and I just kinda had to make it work! Haha but the strong Spirit and amazing happiness that I had been hoping to feel for my first baptism was definitely there in full force, which was a huge blessing for me! It was especially neat to see Sis.Tita get baptized because it truly was a miracle! Her mom is strongly opposed against the Church and did not give her permission or blessing for Sis.Tita to get baptized, which had us in a rut for a month or so. But Sis.Tita, Sis.T, and I had a special fast and what do you know, the next week her mom randomly changed her mind and gave her permission. How cool is that! Just one of the many miracles I get to experience everyday here as a missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! I love my calling! It's the best thing I could be doing right now in my life! Thanks for being so amazing and supporting me out here in the Philippines! I feel everyone's love, whether it's through letters or emails or prayers!!!! You guys are so amazing! I love everyone so much (:

Sister Lauck!

P.S. This week's pictures: Bro.Jake & Sis.Tita and Sis.T & I being tarshiers! They're like these creepy little monkeys with leemur eyes that are the trademark of Bohol haha

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