Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Sa mga bata!

Kamusta mo! 

As the saying goes here, "Everything's better in the Philippines",and it's so true! I love each week here and I'm having experiences of a lifetime.

Something that I've been SO impressed with while I've been here is how truly amazing the children are! Many of our investigators and recent converts are children and youth ages 8-12. They have such a sweet spirit and I love getting to teach them because I really do closer to the Savior each time. It really blows me away that at such a young age they have a desire to learn of Christ and His Gospel. Especially Sis.Hazel! She's 10 and a recent convert who got baptized in December. She's the only active member in her family and every week without fail she goes to church by all herself. Last week we asked her if she could try to invite her family to church and low and behold, next week she showed up to church and brought her entire family with her. She is a true shining example for her family, and most definitely for me! It's not hard to understand why Christ asks us to become as little children: humble, meek, mild, and honest. They are SO honest. Sometimes too honest! They always ask without fail:

1. If Sis.T is pregnant
2. Why my Bisayan is worse than a 2 year-old's

Hahaha needless to say, they always bring tons of laughter and energy to each day (: I'm so grateful for the time I have to be serving as a missionary, doing the Lord's work! I know that as we all strive for those Christ-like qualities that we will have a closer relationship with Him and see a better change in ourselves. Hope everyone is loving life (: Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ love you all! And me too (: Amping mo!!!!!

Sister Lauck (:

P.S. Here's a pic of Sis.Hazel and I and a picture of Sis.T and I with by far the rowdiest, but sweetest kids in all of Bohol haha they really do encompass the definition of a troublemaker

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