Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Snakes & Things

Kamusta mo? 

Okay, so I want to pay tribute today to the LAMI JUD (really delicious) food here in the Philippines! I promise you that you won't find more yummy bread or more sweet fruit (mangoes, papayas, dragon fruit, pineapple, watermelon - they've got it all) than here in the Philippines! They are also really big here on noodles, chicken and beef on a stick, adobo (marinated meat), lumpia (eggrolls), rice, and Sprite and Coke! Whenever people feed Sis. T and I, they literally put out the spread for us! haha  There are AT LEAST 6 or 7 dishes! Sometimes, the food is super delicious, and sometimes we are scared out of our minds to try whatever unidentifiable body part of an animal that they put in front of us! haha  Sis.T and I play this unspoken game for each dinner appointment that we have where we try to dish the gross food on the other person haha. It goes like this:

*Member brings out fish eyes*
Sis.T: Thank you so much but I am SO stuffed. But you know what, Sister Lauck LOVES fish eyes, don't you?
*Member puts fish eyes on my plate*
Me: Wow, why thank you so much! *Give dirty look to Sis.T* This looks so yummy! *I smile/gag/painfully swallow the fish eyes*

*5 minutes later, member pulls out chicken heart*
Me: Hey, is that chicken heart? That is Sis.T's favorite! She just told me earlier how much she wished she could have some
*Member gets super excited and dumps it on Sis.T's plate*

And we usually go back and forth like that for a couple of courses until we're about to puke haha, so that is one of our favorite games we like to play (:

Oh and I have to share my most exciting news this week! I committed my first person to baptism this week!!!!!! Or more like she committed herself haha  Her name is Sister Pearl and she had been attending church for 2 weeks before we actually got to meet with her. So it's our first lesson with Sister Pearl and after we opened with a prayer we asked her if she had any questions for us and she goes, "I know your church is true. When can I get baptized?" I thought at first that I did not understand her correctly, but I looked at my companion and her jaw dropped, so I know I did haha  Then we both basically gave Sister Pearl the biggest bear hug ever and she started crying and we started crying and laughing. I thought I knew what true happiness was before my mission, but in that moment of celebrating with Sister Pearl, I had never felt that much pure happiness before in my life. There is nothing more special to me than getting to watch people find the Gospel and come unto Christ. I love what I get to do everyday, I really do. I love the pure joy that comes from the Gospel. There really is nothing more sweeter and more precious that we can have in this life than our families, our Savior Jesus Christ, and His Gospel!!!! For those that have this, hold onto it. For those that don't have it, get it and it will change your life forever. Love you all SO much!!! Thanks for being the best support crew around (:

Nahigugma ko kaninyo!!!!
Sister Lauck (:

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