Sunday, July 13, 2014

Laba, Sandugo, Life

Hey guys :) 

I have about 5 minutes to whip this baby out so here it goes!

So yesterday and Saturday we had our district conference! It was so neat because Elder Ardern of the 70 came to preside and because we had 1000 members in attendance at the conference!!!!! Because there were so many more in attendance than expected and the chapel, overflow, and auxilary rooms were stuffed, we even had members sitting and standing in the hallway so that they could hear from a living member of the quourm of the 70. These members are so faithful and I feel so blessed that I get to serve with them :)

Oh, and something else that was really cool! Our neighbors decided to set off this AWESOME firework display! It really could give Disneyland some competition haha and the beauty of it all is that we don't understand why haha maybe because the big "Sandugo" Festival is going on over here in Tag Bi??? I've learned to stop questioning why Filipino's do the things they do and to just go with it lol Regardless, us 4 sisters were running around outside and soaking up those fireworks as a belated 4th of july celebration!

Also, I had a PERFECT day this week! Do you know why? Because none of our appointments fell through, people didn't slam their doors on us when we went tracting and I got to teach my first complete family! You can say I was on cloud 9!!!! Something I've learned in my first area is to have a positive attitude and a spirit of gratitude! It really is such a gift when we can recognize the small and simple things in life and allow them to bring us so much joy :)

All in all, life is great! I love all of these experiences here in the Philippines and especially as a representative of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amping mo!!!!!!! :)

Lots of love,
Sister Lauck <3

For the pics: 
Bea & Nico & Jella & me! They really are some phenominal investigators! I think my only investigators that have been consistently doing their commitments. They are some faithful kiddos and I love em to death!
Jesabelle (my fav investigator) and I doing her laundry! She had to get it all done before we could teach her and as my great grandmother said, "Many hands make light work :)"

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