Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Hey guys! I just got back from going to the temple in Cebu - needless to say, my life is great! The peace I felt inside was incomparable to anything else and I know that they are the house of the Lord (:

So about the email subject line - Everyone's Bisayan word of the week - koan! It's one of the most frequently spoken words here. And it literally means "whatchamacallit" haha which was so confusing for me at first because people say "koan" every other word and just expect you to know what they're talking about... when they're really just talking about nothing lolz this language.

Also, we got transfer calls last night and another transfer already flew by but no worries because I'm not going anywhere and neither is Sis.Salima! We're here to stay in Danao for another transfer together (: We're both excited! I haven't had a companion for more than 1 transfer except my trainer and Sis.Salima said from her experience that if companions stay together for 2 transfers they usually want to strangle each other their second transfer because they get tired of being with the same person for 24/7. But we're all good haha no strangling will be going on here!

So if anyone is worried if I've changed too much here on my mission, have no fear! I'm still as clumsy as ever haha we had a District Activity last p-day and we rode up to the top of this mountain where there was this huge field and we just played capture the flag! And me being me, I ending up getting this huge cut on my leg because I slid and fell haha but the activity was great and our district decided that we needed to start doing some morning work-outs because we're all a little out of shape....

We also got to watch General Conference last week (the broadcast is delayed a week out here)! It was so awesome of course and I really loved the reoccurring theme of supporting and sustaining our prophet and apostles to lead the church because they are chosen by God and receive revelation from Him. I love getting to teach the people here that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- day Saints is literally Christ's church that He still leads through the prophet and apostles. I just think it's so cool how Christ's church is run on revelation, from the revelation that President Monson receives on behalf of the church from the personal revelation that we encourage our investigators to have so that they can know for themselves if what we teach them is true. I know I sound like such a missionary haha but I just love to teach the simple truths of the Gospel to others! I really do have the best job!

And the cherry on top of all of this was that Sis.Lange came back to Danao on Monday! She was companion-less since her companion was going home. So Sis.Lange has been tagging along with Sis.Salima and I teaching lessons. And the best part is that Sis.Salima and Sis.Lange were companions in the MTC so the 3 of us have all been companions with each other. It's like one happy sandwich of sisters!!!!!

That's about all I have time for this week, but I want everyone to know:

1. I love you guys! ALOT! 
2. I'm really grateful for your support, prayers, and examples. I'm benefeting from them big time over here (:

Ayo ayo akong mga higala!

Sister Lauck

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