Monday, October 6, 2014

9 na, 9 pa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kamusta man! 

Guess what happened this week? Sister Lauck hit her half-way mark in the mission! I don't even know where the time went.... seriously!

In other news, it rained ALOT this week. The rainy season here in the Philippines has kicked in with full force! I personally enjoy the rain because it means I'm wet because of water and not wet because of sweat. (I know, gross. It grosses me out too) And also because we are guaranteed lessons! We are always let into every house we ayo at when it rains because these kind hearted Filipino people take pity on these soaked sisters! The people here in the Philippines kind of have a fear of rain - even if there's not a cloud in the sky, everyone here always carries an umbrella with them. And they have a pretty strong belief that if you get a little wet from the rain you're destined to come down with some crazy sickness. There's been quite a few times in my mission that I've been caught in the rain without an umbrella and I just got totally soaked and when I arrive at a member or investigator's house they completely freak out and wipe me down a towel and are offering me their clothes so I can change haha these people here literally are the sweetest! I sure do love em (:

Sis. Salima and I had a pretty cool experience this week! We were out tracting when this girl stopped and asked us, "Are you guys Latter-Day Saints?" Sis.Salima & I were like, "Yup, that's us!" Turns out this girl Joann was an inactive member of the church who had recently moved here to Danao. Though she hadn't been to church in a while, she had a desire to return back to church and had been praying for a sign or opportunity to do so. And then she ran into us! It was so cool to be used as an instrument of the Lord to achieve His purposes! And it was such a testament to me that Heavenly Father is so mindful of us! Time and time again throughout my mission I've had my own personal experiences that reaffirm to me:

1. Heavenly Father has a PERFECT plan for us, with an ultimate goal to become like Him and return to our home in heaven.
2. He knows just what we need to experience to help us achieve His plan.
3. He will help lead and guide us and give us every means necessary that we need to return to Him

That's basically the why and what of the Gospel. How great is that! As children of God, we have so much to be thankful for, so much to live for here on earth, and so much to look forward to (: I love getting to share this message with everyone here in Danao! Missions are not always sunshine and rainbows, but knowing that there's people prepared here to receive a message like this makes all the little bumps worth it! I love my Heavenly Father! It's such a neat experience to get to know Him and strengthen my relationship with Him as I serve in the Philippines. I love life! And I love everyone so so so so so so so so much! I can feel the prayers, the love, the support for y'all and it definitely is helping this sister missionary! 

Hangtud sunod!
Sister Lauck (O:

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