Wednesday, January 28, 2015

ihap ang mga panalangin nimo

I've been counting my stinkin blessings this week!

We did a service project as a zone for a family whose house just burnt down and they literally lost EVERYTHING in the fire- their clothes, their money, their pictures, their journals, etc. We hop over there the next day and this family is just having a party with their neighbors next door, super happy, and trying to feed all 20 of us missionaries with the little food the community donated to them. That basically defines Filipino's perfectly. They are seriously the most amazing people in the world!

Besides that, Sis.Bolo and I are having a ball! She always busts out Tagalog in our lessons, which is totally fine because our investigators usually understand. Except I don't, but I still always testify that what she shared was true, hoping she hasn't shared any false doctrine. JK, she'd never do that haha

And the last reason why I'm feeling like a lucky duck is because Sis.Bolo and I have 7 IBD's (investigators with a baptisimal date). I repeat, 7 IBD's. That's double the total amount of IBD's I had my whole entire year as a missionary. Unbelievable.

We're basically rolling in blessings!

I am happy, healthy, and I love missionary work. The more months I'm on my mission, the more and more happier I get. The First Presidency promised all missionaries that "More happiness awaits you than you have ever experienced as you labor among His children." I certainly testify of that! Hope everyone is finding that same joy in their life!

<33333 Sister Lauck

p.s. mother and daughter at the beautiful cebu temple this morning (:

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