Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Naganak Na Ko!!!!!!

Well it's official. I have posterity in the mission aka I'm training a new missionary! My beautiful trainee (in missionary lingo, she's called my "child" or in Bisayan, "anak") is Sis.Bolo! She is sooooooo cool! She's 19, the 2nd oldest of 11 children, about a solid foot shorter than me, from Manila area, and is Tagalog speaking. aka she doesn't know Bisayan and very little English aka we've been doing alot of charades. Good thing I like playing charades (: Also I've been learning way more Tagalog, so that's a huge plus! And to put a fun twist on things, me and Sis.Bolo are white washing an area together which means we are both new to our area, Consolacion (which is like super city). I got the phone, area book, and keys to the apartment earlier from the old sisters that were assigned here previously and it was kinda like a "welp, you guys have fun" kind of things haha I'm sensing we'll be having lots of new adventures (:

It was definitely hard leaving Danao because during my six months there so many amazing things happened for my investigators, and especially for me. (and there were SO many miracles my last week there, but my time's almost up so I'll share em next week!). But it was as equally hard to part ways with Sis.Clegg. Even though we were only together for 1 transfer, we really were the dream team! Her strengths were my weaknesses, and her weaknesses were my strengths! Just last week we were riding on a motorcycle out to one of our more mountainous areas and kinda just reflecting on everything that had happened in our transfer up to that point - and we just couldn't get over how blessed we were as missionaries!!! We've both come to the point that we've really understood our callings as missionaries. We're not just 20 year old girls going on a "mission trip" to the Philippines. We are representatives of Jesus Christ of His restored Church that have been given His power and authority to declare repentance and work miracles in His name. That's huge! And our confidence comes in no way from our own individual ability, but from the fact that we are set apart representatives of Him. What can I say, I LOVEEEEE being a missionary. I've never happiness even parallel than to what I've felt this past transfer. What can I say? Gotta love missions! 

lots of love,
Sister Lauck

p.s. for pictures: I finally got a hold of my batch picture from our xmas party (it also holds evidence of my wheelchair days)

me & Sis.Bolo, my anak!!!!

me & Sis.Clegg parting ways at the mission office

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