Sunday, June 21, 2015


Guys,this is it! This week will be my last week in the field and then next week Mama and Papa Lauck will be here in the Philippines!

To sum everything up, can I just share with you a quote from David O. McKay? He said, "No man can sincerely resolve to apply in his daily life the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth without sensing a change in his whole being. Happy is the person who has truly sensed the uplifting, transforming power that comes from the nearness to the Savior." It perfectly sums up how I feel. I am so happy! How could I not with the fullness of the Gospel in my life, having spent 18 months serving Him? My Heavenly Father and my Savior have become real to me as I have come to know Them through the trials, the work, and through living this Gospel. 

I am especially grateful that I had the chance to do His work here in the Philippines. I can now say, as I was told before my mission, that serving a mission here is like 18 months of girl's camp haha but in spite of bugs, lice in my hair, eating duck fetus, washing clothes by hands, and sweating 24/7, these people make up for it in every way. They are the most kind, humble, giving, and diligent people I know (: What a privilege it has been to serve amongst these Filipino's who I LOVEE! What a privilege it has been to serve my Father in the small way that I could.

Thank you everyone for keeping up with me and supporting me these past 18 months. The prayers, the emails, the fasts, the love- every little bit helped! I can't wait to see everyone and give them a big hug (:

Until then, amping my friends!
Sister Lauck

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