Sunday, June 7, 2015

Greetings From Consolacion!!!!!!

Hey y'all! 

I had my last MLC this week. My batch and I were given an opportunity to give our "final testimony" with the other zone leaders and sister training leaders. What the heck happened to the time???? It was so neat though to hear from each of my batch how coming to Christ has changed them.

Mary Ann & Rey are doing soooooo good! We taught them the Word of Wisdom and in the lesson Sis.Mary Ann confessed she's been drinking coffee every day and then Bro.Rey admitted that he gambles from time to time. When we asked them how long they've been doing this Sister goes, "Well I started drinking coffee so I could stay awake when I read the Book of Mormon at night". Then Brother goes, "I've been gambling so we can get the money we need for our marriage so we can be baptized by July 4th". hahahaha I was dying laughing. They are sooooo good! We explained they'd be better off not drinking coffee or gambling, they committed to following the word of wisdom right on the spot (:

And the coolest thing happened yesterday. Sis.Labz and I were laying on the floor after our nightly planning and Sis. Labz says, "Why are there little circle marks under your knees?" I thought it was just a mosquito/spider bite (the norm), but then we looked at Sis.Labador's legs and she had them under her knees too. After 5 minutes it finally hit us where the marks came from. They are callouses from us always kneeling in prayer. And I never ever ever want to lose them. I love my mission b/c there are certain principles of the Gospel that have been engraved in my heart and no matter where life takes me or how busy I'll be when I go home, I am willing to sacrifice all to live these principles. Personal, daily prayer is one of them.  How grateful I am to have learned, out of many things, the blessings and power that results from consistent, heartfelt, and diligent prayers to our Heavenly Father.

Love you guys! 

Sister Lauck

p.s. these are all pictures from our Mission Leadership Council and our STL meeting (:

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