Sunday, May 31, 2015

Chung Hua

Chung Hua is actually a Chinese word. It's the name of the hospital we went to this week b/c Sis.Labz had a check up for her chest. It was fun b/c we got to hop mission boundaries and head over to cebu city!

Me & Sis.Labz are the ONLY sisters in the zone. So we're with 18 elders. It's.... different, but it's fun too (: We get pampered, so it's great! 

Guys, I'm just so happy right now (: Every missionary experiences different emotions their last transfer, but I'm just at a good place right now. This work is so satisfying. Actually, it's more than satisfying. It's sanctifying. You watch people change as they grow closer to Christ and somehow in the mix of everything, you become purified yourself. I really love this work.

I hope everyone finds a way to be filled with joy this week (:

p.s. I don't know if I've ever told you guys about washing our clothes. So washing machines don't really exist here, so we wash everything by hand! Yeaaaaaa! But sometimes when I have a lot to wash and my hands get tired, I just use my feet, just like my trainer taught me haha so here's a visual for you guys! 

And the second picture is when I went on splits with Sis.Tauteoli. She's a brand new missionary from Utah, and she was craving some tacos, so I tried to whip up some taco salad (:

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