Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!!!!!!!! I guess the Bisayan translation would be: Malipayon nga adlaw sa tatay! But that just doesn't sound right haha

So there's no way I could let this day pass without recognizing 2 people:

1. My Dad! I don't just have a "Missionary Mom", I have a Missionary Dad too (: Get this: my dad is soooooo busy, but despite everything he has on his plate, EVERY DAY he writes me a 3 page letter. Every single day. Which makes me a pretty spoiled missionary (check out the picture - the letters aren't super clear, but you can see it's a pretty thick stack haha) If that's not an act of dedication and love, then I don't know what is. But more awesome than his letters that he writes me each week is his example that I've tried to follow here on my mission , especially during the rough patches. Everyone who knows my dad knows that he's been given a huge trial physically. But despite his challenge, I have never once heard him complain. Despite everything that has been thrown his way, he chooses to focus on the positive, and  place his faith in Heavenly Father and His plan for him. My dad's love for his family and his testimony and love for the Gospel are incredibly strong and he has dedicated his whole life to each. What an example he is to me and to so many other people!He is the best and I love him so much!

2. My Father in Heaven. At this point in my mission, the biggest blessing that I feel like I've been given is a strengthening of my relationship with my Heavenly Father. I have really come to know in a very personal way that I am a literal child of God and that His sole purpose is to help me be happy and return to Him. That's why he's blessed me with the Gospel, a family, temples, friends, this world, and even His Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ. Through sincere and intent personal prayer everyday, I've really come to know Him better and to feel His love for me. I know that He hears and answers each prayer. I know that He is infinitely aware of me and that sometimes His love comes in the form of my trials that He hand crafts for me because He wants me to grow and develop and eventually become just as He is. I know that there is a Heavenly Father and that He lives and loves each of us personally and individually as any father would love his child. We can feel His love through many avenues and blessings, but especially as we pray to Him in faith.

I'm doing great and I absolutely love my mission and my life right now! I am given so many blessings and experiences each day that are like no other. Thanks everyone for always supporting me. I am blessed beyond belief! I hope everyone has a super duper week and that y'all are enjoying your summer (:

Lots of love,
Sister Lauck (:

Oh and in other news:

- We had a zone activity last week and we got to go to the big tourist stop in Bohol: Chocolate Hills (check out the picture). It's basically a cluster of hundreds of hills. They kinda got semi destroyed by the big earthquake last year, but it was still such a beautiful sight! I seriously am in love with my mission and with Bohol. It's gorgeous! Especially the jungle part. Literally like Hawaii!

- Sister Paragas and I were in a lesson last week. Because there was a shortage of chairs I volunteered to sit on the floor. BIG MISTAKE. Because as I'm teaching about Joseph Smith, out of no where this HUGEEEEEEEE rat (literally like the size of a small puppy) scampers across the floor and into my lap!!! AHHHHHH, I almost died haha I definitely freaked out for like 3 seconds. Things like this happen to me everyday and I always think to myself in my head, "This is not what I signed up for." lol but such is life in the Philippines!
Letters From Dad

Chocolate Hills

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