Monday, June 23, 2014

Sister Lauck & Sister T

Typically the blogs that are on this site are all in Sister Lauck's own words, but since she has been technologically challenge due to less than stellar internet service in the Philippines, we thought that as proud parents we would share an email that we received yesterday from Sister Lauck's 1st Companion in the Philippines, Sister Tuipolotu, affectionately known as Sister T! Sister T is from Tonga and had only been out on her mission for about 5 months prior to Sister Lauck. Their area is one of the toughest in the mission and together they faced many challenges including both trying to figure out the Cebuano language together. Those of you who know Lindsay well will not be surprised at the email that her former companion sent to us yesterday, so here it goes.........
Sister T and Sister Lauck
Hello Lauck Family!

First of all I am sister T...
I just want to send you all this email so that you would all know that your daughter Sister Lauck is the greatest companion I ever had in my mission so far! I really love her spirits toward our work.  She is a very hard working missionary and everything that you would ever expected from a representative of Jesus Christ.. She has it all!!!!
I know that who ever will be the one to be her new companion, she will be the luckiest.  Sister Lauck's mum thank you so much for raising her up so that I could be her companion to learn so many things from her.  She will hate me for saying this but I will say it... SHE IS THE BEST!!!! 
This are things that I have learn from her-
- She rely on the Spirit NO matter what happen!!!
- If we are out tracting and looking for people, and I don't even know where to go, she will turn around and say, "Sister T we need to pray".
- She loves talking to people, even if they will laugh at her and even it will make me laugh she will just continue she don't even care..
- She will always focus everything in our investigators.
- She never look at her self, she will always turn to the Lord for his help before she asked.
- She is such a happy person, she taught me how to smile hahaha every time, all day everyday, sometimes our days is ruft but she will always says everything will be fine....
- She is so funny, no matter whats our day will be like, she will always but something that will make me light up.
and last... she is a HARD working missionary...
She has taught me all things and some funny things too but that is between the 2 of us haha, I love her and miss being her companion...
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING that you always encourage her with, maybe she was about to kill me but because she will never forget what you told her .. that's why hahaha 
But seriously she is the best companion ever....
with love 
Sister T   

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