Monday, June 30, 2014


Kamusta! Transfers week has arrived!!! 

But before transfers happened, I shipped my companion Sis. Paragas back home! She's totally finish with her mission! It was so cute - Sis. Dala, Sis. Enlacinto, and I did a little send off at the port for her. Definitely melancholy. The 3 of us kind of half wanted to jump on the ship with her back home haha but someone's gotta keep Tag Bilaran running and we do love our work, so I'm happy and excited for the remaining year I have as Sister Lauck (:  

I was companionship-less for half the week because Sis. Paragas headed home, which meant I got to work with my two little munchkins, Sis.Dala and Sis.Enlacinto in their area. The stares we got from people were priceless! We literally looked like a mother shepherding her two little children around everywhere haha

And then the transfer call came! So I'm staying here in Tag Bi for my 4th transfer! Kinda long, but I've come to LOVE this area (: I say "I've come to love" this area, because at first I was not a fan. The people in our area tend not to be the most receptive, so I've spent a fair amount of my mission tracting and getting punted and rejected and having basically no progressing investigators and 1 baptism haha don't you love when that happens! BUT, I really have come to love this area, because my experiences and trials here have helped me learn and grow SO much. It's amazing how getting put through the fire refines and purifies you so much. I honestly set out on a mission because thought that I would be the one helping and serving other people. Yet the longer I've been serving, I've come to find out that the person most benefiting from my service is myself. From my first area I've been able to learn some really valuable life lessons and to especially have my testimony strengthened of this Gospel and my Savior and my Heavenly Father. Aren't missions the best???!?!?!!!!! I really am so glad I have a Heavenly Father who is loving enough to give me handcrafted trials to help me grow and become more like Him!

It's funny though because you know you're in an area too long when you're in the city with a fair amount of people, but everyday you run into all these people you know - like branch members, or that one drunk guy you tracted on the street, or the boyfriend of the older sister of your investigator. Yeah, I basically feel like the Queen of TagBi haha oh, and my new companion.......... drum roll.......... Sister Hatch! My first American companion (: She's 20, from Sandy,UT, a piano performance major at UVU , going home in October, and the trainee of my last companion Sister Paragas! It's a small mission world! She is super great! We laugh, we cry, we try to speak Bisayan, we try to avoid creepy men hitting on us. It's a beautiful thing (: I love this work, I love this Gospel, I love my Heavenly Father, I love my Savior, Jesus Christ, and I love ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!!! Know that I'm praying for everyone!!!!! (:

Lots of love,

Sister Lauck 

the fab 4 before sis.paragas left to go home!

sis.paragas and I posting up by the pier (:

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