Sunday, August 17, 2014

Oh My Gulay!

This week was a FUN week! 

Mainly because Sis.Lange and I had all these things happen to us that were just.... funny haha except the gunshots that kept going off by our house, those weren't funny. But yeah all kind of interesting things are bound to happen when there's two Americans that spend their week tracting around our area. Like one thing for example - We were tracting and started talking to this 19 year-old girl whose hobby is to do nails. I could tell this girl was really into doing nails, so I was asking her alot of questions about cuticle care, ya know, building relationship and trust. And somehow she gets the idea to give me a manicure. I was so down for it! It seemed like a win-win to me. Except she pulls out this tool out of her manicure kit that look more like a mini knife. And then she proceeds to use this mini knife to clean under my nails, but just ends up gauging my nail beds. And then my nail beds start bleeding. But I didn't want to tell this kind girl that it was hurting like no other and  I didn't want to possibly weaken her confidence in her manicure abilities (because she had already told me that she had flunked beauty school). So I just sat there and silently cried. Haha okay no, I didn't actually cry, but I was on the verge of it. And then after she was finished with that, she puts this orange goo that was supposed to be an anti-septic, but just ended up staining my nails orange. Great, huh? But we ended up having a really good lesson with her and we're coming back to teach her next week! So that's how I sacrificed my nails to try and get an investigator (: So worth it!

In other news, Sis.Lange and I realized that we were both in the same Physical Science class at BYU! Crazy, huh???? Oh, and the people here are legit starting to believe that I'm Filipino!!!! I'm pretty excited about that! I know I totally look the part, but my Bisayan obviously has an American accent, so I think the people here a little deaf, but I'll take it haha I guess that magical powers of the Balut egg I ate a couple of month are finally starting to kick in.....

Oh, and one more slightly sad story. Sis.Lange and I were in a lesson with our investigators when their neighbors busts in the door, comes to Sis.Lange and I and just starts bawling and telling us how her husband is cheating on her, their family has absolutely no money, not even for rice (which means they're doing pretty bad, because most Filipinos will at least have money for rice), her son just got sent to prison, and she attempted to commit suicide last week, but her 7 year old stopped her and pulled the knife out of her hand before she could go through with it. Yeah. Sis. Lange and I were just stunned. And this lady had come to us for advice because she said that she saw Sis.Lange and I last week and said that our faces were shining and she felt light and happy and she knew that there was something different about us. So we did the best we could to give spiritual advice and teach about God's love and plan for her, so it hopefully it helped! Getting to serve in the Philippines has been a huge wake-up call for me to realize how truly blessed I have been. I have THE BEST family in the world, a knowledge of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, super amazing friends, the opportunity to go to college, to have always food on the table, to have a car, to have money to do fun things and do hobbies, and even random amenities like air conditioning, carpet, and hot water (which I really really really miss  while I've been living here in the Philippines!). And the list goes on. Basically I've been given so much! Which is why I'm so happy to serve as a missionary and have the opportunity to help out people in the best way I know how - being happy and sharing the Gospel! (: Which is why I just love being a missionary! Life is great over here (: I vowed this week to never complain about anything ever again, when I get home haha hopefully it will happen! Love everyone oodles and oodles! Hope everyone's having a great time with summer winding and school starting back up again!

Gugma, kalinaw, Philippines!
Sister Lauck

P.S. I realized that I've been big time slacking on sending those scenic, "What does the Philippines look like" pictures, so hence, y'all get 2 today haha enjoy!

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