Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Okay, wow, I feel loved! Thank you thank you thank you everyone for all of the birthday wishes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously though, it was the best feeling ever to get on email today and have like 50 emails waiting for me. Especially when you're a missionary, it's just the simple thought from friends and family that counts. Basically, I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It never ceases to amaze me how blessed I am (: I scored in life! I'm definitely replying to everyone, but if I don't get to it today, I will on Monday!

So yeah, my birthday was great! The night before the ward had a little party for me, and then on my actually birthday, it was Sunday, so I fasted and taught lessons and just did normal missionary things. And then I got home and made a huge plate of ramen for myself and then me and the other 3 sisters in my apartment sang and ran around and threw candy that I got my from package at each other. Yeahhhhh, you definitely have to make your own fun when you're a missionary haha

In other news:

-Sis.Lange and I found out there's microwavable macaroni n cheese at 7-11. It's a big deal for us!

-People always ask if Sis.Lange and I are literal blood sisters. Because we're both American. And we look so alike? Not really. But also, parents here always tell me I look just like their daughters. Apparently I look like everyone's sister over here.

- Some ward members asked to help out with this free vaccine clinic here in danao! They had Sis.Lange and I stand out on the street giving directions to the location of the clinic. Except no one would listen to our directions because they were just yelling "Americanas! Americanas!". That happens alot. 

- Sis.Lange and I were tracting and we started going on this path heading out to a fieldy area, but then the kids started yelling "Don't go over there, there's a dog that will bite!" Here's the things about kids in the philippines. About 70% of them are really nice and super sweet and just want to get a high-5 from you. But then there's 30% that always yell lies or really mean things at us and make fun of us. So Sis.Lange and I didn't really give much thought to what the kids said, and went on our merry way. But then....... there was a dog.... and he started barking and started running towards us and then Sis.Lange and I pulled the "maybe if we stand completely still he won't bite us." Thankfully doing that, paired with feeding him our crackers and snacks, did the trick! Turns out those little kids were part of the 70%.

That's all of the fun things that happened this week! But the cherry on top was getting to introduce an investigator of ours to the Book of Mormon this week. She had like 30 deep, what is the meaning of life type questions. And it was so cool to teach her that the Book of Mormon, coupled with prayer and pondering, could answer all of her questions. I know that book is true! I know Heavenly Father lives and loves us and has a plan of perfection and happiness that He needs us to follow. And reading the Book of Mormon is definitely something we need to experience in order to gain all of that happiness! Love everyone from the bottom of my heart!

Sister Lauck (:

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