Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Dugay in Danao

Hey y'all!

Transfer calls came yesterday and I'm staying in Danao! That will make 6 months here in my 2nd area, with six months in my first area as well. And my new companion will be my batch, Sis.Clegg! We went into the MTC together so we go way back and are total buds! So you can say I'm pretty pscyhed about that! It was a little unanticipated, but I feel so blessed that I get to soak up all of this goodness here in Danao (:

Speaking of soaking, Sis.Salima and I got soaked this week! It has been raining , in the words of my investigator, "cats & goats" (hehe I think she was confused, but in her defense there are a ton of cats and goats here). In my first area in Tagbi, the members told me that there are 2 seasons in the Philippines: the rainy and the hot. The hot season lasts they said from around march - july, and the rainy season from august - february. Well, they lied. Because from what I've experienced it's just january-december of hot & rainy season. Literally when it rains it feels like you're in a pressure cooker haha and then to make it worse, our area gets SUPER muddy when it rains. Which I guess would be fun to walk around in if you were doing a 5k mud dash. But when you're a sister missionary in a skirt and crocs sliding around in the mud while holding your scriptures and trying to give high 5's to all of the kids as you pass by, it can be a little tough! 

In other news, Sis. Liza is getting baptized this month, possibly on Christmas Day! I'm so excited that I'll get to be here for her baptism, because this will kinda be like my first real baptism here on the mission! I love her and it's been so fun getting to watch her develop her testimony from the very beginning. It's also fun teaching her because the Gospel totally clicks for her! Like we were teaching about The Fall of Adam & Eve and she said, "That just makes so much sense. I can't imagine that them eating the fruit would be a big mistake. It was a big blessing because it means we got to come here " And then we taught about the Word of Wisdom last week and when we told her coffee was something she'd have to give up she said, "Good! Because I know coffee isn't even good for me anyway. My body's important and I know that I can have better control of it if I'm not hooked on coffee". What can I say, she's the bomb!

I love everyone! Hope everyone is soaking up all of the magic of the Christmas season and the joy and light that the Savior's life brings to us all (:

XOXOXOX, Sister Lauck

P.S. Pics:

1. Sister Liza and I at church - it was her first time to wear a dress!
2. This is what most of my area looks like when it rains - yea me.
3. The six of us missionaries that serve in our ward here in Danao! And there is a reason why Sis.Salima & I have no shoes on haha they were so muddy and the members were trying to mop the floor, so we went barefoot for our coordination meeting haha

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