Monday, December 22, 2014


Hey y'all! LOTS of happened since I've been able to send an email (sorry about the lack of emails.... I've been a little sick.... will explain later), so lemme give everyone the quick version!

So like 2 weeks ago, it was forecasted that "Typhoon Ruby" would hit Cebu and with the memories of Typhoon Yolanda still fresh in everyone's mind, everyone PANICKED, including our mission! Well actually know that I think of it, it's not really in Filipino's people nature to panic. The night the storm hit people were just casually having weddings and partying outside with their neighbors haha but we definitely took precautions as a mission! Missionaries were evacuated and we were held up in our apartments with our 72 hour kits ready! But thanks to the power of prayer and fasting, Typhoon Ruby ended up just being some strong winds and a little bit of rain for us here in Cebu!

And then while all of Typhoon Ruby was going on I got an ear infection that turned into an allergic reaction to antibiotics and having a 104 degree fever and throwing up for 7 days and not working for about 10 days. And then my ear drum burst. So I'm deaf in my right ear until it heals. I hope haha needless to say, I'm back to full strength and am so grateful for health when I have it (:

And then when I had my 104 degree fever I still decided to go to our big mission party. Because I couldn't miss out on that! But I hadn't eaten in 5 days so Sister Clegg wheeled me around in a wheel chair and then the elders were trying to wheel me around the chair because they thought it'd be fun. It wasn't haha but gotta love Elders!

And the coolest part about all of this is that Sister Liza got baptized yesterday!!!!!!!!! I can't even put into words how much joy I had watching someone who has become one of my best friends follow the example of Jesus Christ through baptism. The Spirit was so strong and it was such a special experience that I'll hold close to my heart. Days like yesterday make all of the months of getting punted and rejected totally all worth it (:

Last but not least, Christmas is almost upon us! And I can honestly say that even though as a missionary I have not been able to enjoy the things that I though made Christmas special (lights, decorating the christmas tree, presents, music,christmas movies,baking holiday goodies), I'm truly never experienced more joy and peace and happiness in my life than this Christmas. As I've truly centered my Christmas on my Savior and the light and joy that is in my life because of Him and His Gospel, I'm just been beaming everyday with so much happiness and love. And the best part is that as His representative, I get to share Christ with others and watch them come closer to Him. That's the beauty and miracle of Christ and His Gospel. Living the Gospel is what brings those blessings in our lives that no trial or challenge or person can take away. I hope everyone truly has a magical Christmas and joy that stems from knowing we have a Savior who makes returning back to our Heavenly Father possible. 

I love everyone so much!
Sister Lauck (:

P.S. Pictures: Everyone that participated in Lisa's baptism yesterday and a picture of all the missionaries in the Cebu East Philippines mission (:

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